Teachstone CDA Renewal with CLASS for KinderCare

Teachstone CDA Renewal with CLASS for KinderCare

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  KinderCare will apply your Education Assistance benefit to cover the full or partial cost of the course, based on meeting the eligibility requirements. You will be responsible, and your credit card charged, for any remaining cost that is not paid for by KinderCare. See the Teachstone Student Agreement for more information.

 Earn 3.0 college credits while meeting coursework requirements for CDA Renewal! 

With our new renewal course, Child, Family and Community, educators will discover the importance of respectful relationships that foster quality interactions, explore family-program partnerships, and learn strategies that help build cultural awareness that support all children in becoming members of a diverse community.


This Child, Family, and Community course includes the following:


Module 1: Introduction to the Family

Module 2: Culturally Diverse Families

Module 3: Socialization and Families

Module 4: Family Well-Being: Supporting Families in Challenging Situations

Module 5: Building Relationships with Families

Module 6: Parenting Styles

Module 7: Engaging Families in Student Learning

Module 8: Family Engagement



*The cost of the Renewal course includes the cost of a voucher code.