CDA with CLASS for KinderCare (4 Course)

CDA with CLASS for KinderCare (4 Course)

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 KinderCare will apply your Education Assistance benefit to cover the full or partial cost of the course, based on meeting the eligibility requirements. You will be responsible, and your credit card charged, for any remaining cost that is not paid for by KinderCare. See the Teachstone Student Agreement for more information.


The CDA with CLASS is the only child development associate preparation program powered by CLASS. Designed to help organizations build a strong workforce and support individuals continuing their education, the Gold Standard Certified CDA with CLASS provides educators with a unique online and high-quality professional education experience. Educators can select from the unique offerings the program that best meets their needs and learning styles.

This 24-week online group course is facilitated by a friendly and helpful team of educators to guide you through the CDA process. Throughout the course, they will be available to answer questions, provide specific feedback and grade your assignments. They will also help you build your portfolio and coursework while growing your knowledge of CLASS. You will advance through the program with a community of other KinderCare colleagues. Not only will you be prepared to earn the credential, you will learn skills for improving interactions with the children in your care. The CDA with CLASS program provides 120+ clock hours in content that spans infant - preschool ages.  Work through your CDA training professional education on a guided, yet self-paced schedule from any device. The cost includes your choice of Infant-Toddler, or Preschool, or the Family Child Care CDA Competency Standards book, and upon successful completion of the program, and eligibility status, the application fee to credential through the Council for Professional Recognition.

Learners who complete this program will earn 9 transferable college credits from Waldorf University. They will also have the option to apply and seamlessly enroll in Waldorf’s associate degree in early childhood education program. The 9 college credits earned through the CDA program will be applied to ECE 1010, ECE 2010, ECE 2020 - the learner would then take ECE 2030, ECE 2040, and 45 general education core requirements to earn their Associate's degree. Receiving 9 credits through the CDA program and transferring them to Waldorf

Waldorf University Equivalencies for College Credit as of Spring 2021:

  • CDA with CLASS Course 1 Understanding Early Childhood Development = ECE 1010 Introduction to Early Childhood Development
  • CDA with CLASS Course 2 Health, Safety, and Environment = ECE 2010 Early Childhood Health and Safety
  • CDA with CLASS Course 3 Fundamentals of Teaching in Early Childhood = ECE 2020 Teaching and Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom


Course 1: Understanding Early Childhood Development
Course Description: Understanding Early Childhood Development explores foundational theories of child growth and development, including milestones for cognitive, physical, and social and emotional growth; first and second language acquisition; and developmental delay. We will explore the basics of guiding behavior, building relationships, and observing and recording children’s growth and development. This course also provides an introduction to the Classroom Assessment Scoring System observation tool. Students are introduced to and will begin working on their Child Development Associate Professional Portfolio.

Course 2: Health, Safety, and Environment
Course Description: Health, Safety, and Environment introduces students to valuable information regarding children’s safety and well-being. This course considers procedures to ensure a clean, healthy and organized classroom environment. Students learn how to stimulate and foster a welcoming, supportive environment for children and their families. Developing strong family connections and becoming a professional leader in the field are explored. Students will continue to develop their Child Development Associate Professional Portfolio.

Course 3: Fundamentals of Teaching in Early Childhood
Course Description: Fundamentals of Teaching in Early Childhood introduces students to the concepts of structure and process in classrooms. Students learn about activities that support children’s development of community and civic awareness and guiding children’s behavior to maximize learning opportunities. Language, literacy, math, and science as well as creative arts exemplify content areas that help grow children’s cognitive skills. And finally, students will complete their Professional Portfolio.

Course 4: Child, Family, and Community
This course examines the developing child with a focus on family, school, and community. The importance of respectful relationships that foster quality interactions with families and community partners will be explored. This course will investigate the importance of family-program partnerships, with an emphasis on community organizations that support cultural awareness. Various strategies will be explored, emphasizing appropriate methods of supporting all children in becoming competent members of a diverse society.

Course participants will receive a copy of this book:
The CDA National Credentialing Program and Competency Standards (Pre-K level or Infant-Toddler level)